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Ammodet, also known as Ammonia Cleaner, emerges as a robust and versatile cleaning solution specifically formulated to tackle tough stains and soils from hard surfaces effectively. This viscous, white ammoniated cleaner boasts abrasive properties without risking scratches, ensuring thorough cleaning without compromising surface integrity.

The unique composition of Ammonia Cleaner merges the powerful cleaning capabilities of a scouring powder with the ammonia content, creating a liquid-based hard surface cleaner. This fusion of elements results in a potent cleaning product capable of handling stubborn soils on various hard surfaces.

One of its primary advantages lies in its ease of use. Its liquid form simplifies application, allowing for convenient and straightforward cleaning processes. This user-friendly aspect makes it an accessible option for both residential and commercial cleaning needs.

Additionally, its economic efficiency stands out as an advantage. Ammonia Cleaner's effectiveness in removing tough grime and stains contributes to its cost-effectiveness, as it requires less product to achieve desired cleaning results.

Moreover, its non-flammable nature ensures safety during usage, providing peace of mind while handling and storing the product.

The cleaner's ease of rinsing with hot or cold water is another notable benefit. This attribute streamlines the post-cleaning process, allowing for quick and efficient rinsing, leaving surfaces clean and residue-free.

Furthermore, Ammonia Cleaner boasts good storage stability, ensuring its efficacy over time. Properly stored, it maintains its cleaning potency, ensuring reliable performance even after extended periods.

In summary, Ammodet or Ammonia Cleaner offers a multifaceted approach to cleaning, providing a powerful yet gentle solution for tough soils on hard surfaces. Its blend of abrasive action, ammonia, and liquid form grants it an edge in effective cleaning, presenting numerous advantages such as ease of use, cost-effectiveness, safety, and storage stability, making it a valuable asset for various cleaning applications.