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Product Description


Perle' Bac Liquid Handsoap Disinfectant stands out as a specialized formula crafted for use in liquid soap dispensers, offering a convenient and effective solution for hand hygiene in various settings. Available in two distinct variants, Blue and Green, it caters to diverse preferences while ensuring a superior cleansing and disinfecting experience.

Perle Bac Blue is formulated without a fragrance, meeting the needs of those preferring unscented products. Conversely, Perle Bac Green delights users with a pleasant apple fragrance, imparting a refreshing scent after each use.

Despite its concentrated nature, both variants of Perle' Bac Liquid Handsoap Disinfectant prioritize gentleness on the skin. Infused with skin moisturizers, they provide a mild and soothing cleansing experience while effectively removing impurities.

This versatile product serves as an ideal choice for hand and personal hygiene needs. Its suitability for multiple purposes makes it a practical option for households, offices, hospitality settings, and public facilities.

The distinguishing feature of being an antibacterial soap sets it apart from regular soaps. Unlike typical soaps, antibacterial variants like Perle' Bac contain active antimicrobial ingredients designed to target and combat harmful bacteria. These specialized agents enhance the soap's ability to eliminate or inhibit bacteria, promoting a higher level of cleanliness and hygiene.

However, it's important to note that while antibacterial soaps effectively kill harmful bacteria, their excessive use isn't recommended. Overuse of antibacterial products might contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and may disrupt the natural balance of skin flora.

In summary, Perle' Bac Liquid Handsoap Disinfectant, available in fragrance-free and apple-scented variations, offers gentle yet effective cleansing and disinfecting properties. Its versatility, skin-friendly formulation, moisturizing elements, and antibacterial efficacy make it an ideal choice for maintaining hygiene across diverse settings while considering skin care needs and promoting effective hand hygiene.